Menu problem /  Removing "Navigation"text hideen

Thanks for the wonderful theme.I love it!!!

My problem is "Navigation"text in a menu,in an iphone size monitor.
I want to remove the text in a menu.
Because I`m making japanese web site now.

Please help me.

You can rename this or remove it completely. You can get this done by going to second theme functions.php file that you can find in travelify folder >> library >> functions.

You can either remove this part of code completely, rename it or just comment out this code. It is up to you.

add_filter( 'wp_nav_menu_items', 'travelify_nav_menu_alter', 10, 2 );
* Add default navigation menu to nav menu
* Used while viewing on smaller screen
if ( !function_exists('travelify_nav_menu_alter') ) {
	function travelify_nav_menu_alter( $items, $args ) {
		$items .= '<li class="default-menu"><a href="'.esc_url( home_url( '/' ) ).'" title="Navigation">'.__( 'Navigation','travelify' ).'</a></li>';
		return $items;

Thank you so much!!!(o^∇^o)ノ