Menu problems

Hello there, I have several problems with my menu.
I am building an website using your theme on localhost using child theme…
I am trying to make a category menu but as you can see here
the submenus open over the rest of the menu making it impossible to work…

Also i have to notice that i am using an older version of the theme, as when I updated things became even worse, the arrow of the menu moved further down and menu bar became oversized (see link)

I used the code in your child theme fucntions so i can have this 3 level menu.

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We are aware of the menu issue and have notified the developer.
If the previous version worked better you can try rolling back the theme using this plugin.

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still with the older version, the menu opens over the already opened menu blocking the view and not on the side as it should… is there some way to fix that?

oh i fixed that, somehow the custom css from child theme was missing, i added it and now it works fine!
here is the code if someone has the same problem

Theme Name: Child Theme
Template: sparkling

.navbar .nav.navbar-nav ul ul {
  top: 0;
  left: 100%;
  padding: 0;
  margin: 0;

So, I encountered another problem, when the menu is on small window view, and the whole menu opens mobile style, it is imposible to open to the third level menus as the second level does not have an arrow to dropdown. Is there a way to add the “expand” arrow to the second level to be able to expand to the third level of the menu?

thanks in advance :))))