Menu Sub Categories past 2 levels

How can I add more levels to categories ie I want something like:

Main Category
Sub Category
Sub Items

This theme only support one sub level with icons, dividers etc but no third level. The better option for you would be to use this theme

For this theme you can change color scheme to make it look like Unite theme and it will look almost the same and it is also better customizable than Unite.

Hello Aigars,

I also like more than 2 menu depth.

I can change the coulour scheme, but can I still use Carousel?



If you use Unite theme the it is not possible to add more sub-menu levels. Like I said, you can use Travelify theme which is very similar.

If you change color scheme via Theme Options there won’t be any problems with slider. Colors to it will be changed accordingly.

is there also an option to change the size of the picture? With unite it’s small e.g. 200x300, but with Travelify it looks like 1050x400 (or so)


Both sliders can be used with large images as you can see that in Unite demo. Images are not going to be stretched if you upload to small images, so make sure to upload them large enough.