Meta slider in header.php


I’m using the sparkling theme and want to put in a meta slider instead of the header image.
I know that I have to put the code, I’ve got from meta slider in my header.php. But I don’t know exactly, where do I have to put the code.
I put the code after:
<div id=“logo”>
<?php echo do_shortcode(’[metaslider id=“251”]’); ?>
The slider have been shown.
But then in the mobile version the menue no longer works.

Can you please help me?
Thank you very much!

hey there

Give me a screenshot of the changes (after before) you made in the header.php


thanks for your reply.
In attachment you’ll find the files:
header.php and header_after.php.

Sorry, I can’t upload the mentioned files.
Now I made a screenshot, you’ll find in attechments.
I hope it is sufficient.


looks good, please provide link to the page too


here is the link to the page:


Ok, i see the problem, please add this css code in appearance > customize > additional css:

.navbar-toggle {
z-index: 9999;
.navbar-default .navbar-toggle .icon-bar {
background-color: #fff;