Missing Author and Updated on Google Webmaster

I am having problems finding the scripts for author and updated for Google Webmaster. Most of the forums says it exist on single.php, whereas i can’t find on this theme. Where and how do I change them?

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This theme doesn’t contain any Google Webmaster script as it’s the functionality of WordPress plugin territory but you can achieve this by using any of the following solutions.

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Ok!! I was talking about the scripts like these on this blog How to solve the Warning: Missing required field "updated" and hCard "author" in blogger

Hi @seowonderworld,

The page that you have shared displays the information about blogger and not WordPress.

Could you please tell me a bit more in detail what’s the problem you are facing so that i can help you to resolve it?


Please have a look on the picture attached. I am unable to fix those errors. I know it’s all about making small changes on theme. If you could help me with that.


Question about Google Webmaster Tools and missing “Updated” tag have been answered before and you can read more info here.

For missing “author” tag could pop up on tag, category and static pages and it is how it should be. These pages doesn’t have an author like it is for post therefore Google shows notices. However, these won’t affect SEO ranking in any way because these are false positive notices from Google.