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I would like to add the “Latest News from Blog” but can’t work out how… the support video doesn’t help as the demo blog is already there. How do I had the demo blog so that I can customise it?

Hello Rick

What exactly is the problem? if you already have demo imported then this is easy, you just need to add your posts and they will be displayed in the blog list, everything related to the configuration can be changed from appearance > customize from here you can set blog page and configure categories that can be appeared in the list

Can I import the demo to my live site without it over writing content? www.endlessviews.com.au

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Importing the demo would override some of your content such as the widgets but the pages would be unaffected.

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How do I import the demo? Where from?

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The demo can be imported only on a fresh database,
Once again our documentation i think is not the bad when explaining how to configure blog, please see section “8. How To Setup Blog?” Illdy Theme Documentation - Colorlib
if you still struggling with this then i guess i must ask temporary access details

The support video is for when you have the demo blog installed. I don’t have it installed and don’t want to lose any content or widgets. Can you tell me exactly how to add the blog or message me and I can give you access for you to add it. However I’d rather learn and do it myself.



Rick Its exactly same in case of without demo as well, you have to do the same, im not sure if i can explain this better than in video :slight_smile:
if you still struggling with this send me your admin details here

Can I email you, I don’t want to post my admin details online…

Email address please?

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We do not have an email to be used here so you would have to use a dummy email address in this case.

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