Missing features?

I recently installed the Illdy theme into a new WordPress instance and am attempting to follow the documentation to configure my site.

Unfortunately I don’t see most of the functionality as described in the documentation including configuration of the Jumbotron image, insertion of an image gallery, how to remove sections, etc.

Does one need to purchase the theme to get this functionality? It appears that this is a free theme so I’m confused as to where this functionality lives.

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The theme has does not withhold any of the options.

To add an image to the Jumbotron, please go to Appearance > Customize > FrontPage Section > Jumbotron Sections > Backgrounds and select an image there.

To add a gallery you would need a third party plugin but the theme has a project widget. You would need to activate the Illdy companion widget then go to Appearance > Widgets and add the project widget to one of the front page widget areas.

As it goes for removing sections, you would do so via Appearance > Widgets and remove the widgets from the widget area.

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