Missing homepage content


I’ve look and there are similar posts but I can’t seem to figure out how to fix this issue.

On my websites homepage the, about, services & team sections are not visible anymore. They were there yesterday. These sections are ‘on’ in the customiser, but I can’t seem to edit them from there.
I’d be most grateful for any help to fix this as I am getting nowhere trying to fix it by searching support threads.


Thank you.

Hi there

Sorry, but website is not available at all: Monosnap

Gosh that is weird as it’s working for me, just the homepage is not showing the sections mentioned.
I’ll share the link again.



Im so sorry, I have the same screen, the website is not available for me, I also tried proxy and its not working too,
are you using any restrictions?

No there are no restrictions, very strange that you can’t see it live.

I just can’t figure out how to get all the home sections visible again, we did try installing a backup last night but only hold 4 days of backups… so no joy.


I’m sorry, I also don’t know, I have the same screen, get in touch with your hosting support, show them screenshots from me

Thank you for trying.

You are most welcome and Im still in your assistance