Missing mobile hamburger

Hi there,
I’m loving this theme so far, but I have run into an issue I hope you can help with. On mobile screens, or when making by desktop browser narrow, the site doesn’t provide the mobile menu hamburger symbol for a drop down menu. It is there because I can click on it and bring down the menu, but it is not visible.

Can you advise how I might be able to fix this?

My site is: https://www.stampederadon.com/


Hey there,
Hope you’re doing well today

That’s weird.
Have you added any custom CSS or used any plugins to fix this? If yes, I’m going to ask that you disable them all so that I may have a better look at what’s happening.

In fact, please disable all your plugins so that I may have a closer look. Just in case there’s anything that’s getting in the way.

I look forward to your reply :slight_smile:

Best Regards,

Your recommendations led to to selectively turn CSS and plugins on and off to try to isolate the problem. I determined that I had used a plugin called “WP Asset Cleanup” to dequeue some items. I turned had turned off font-awesome, and this is what was making the hamburger symbol disappear. I turned font-awesome back on and the hamburger reappeared, so for now I guess that is all I have to do.

Thanks for pointing me towards the right process to solve the problem.

You are always welcome here :slight_smile: