Missing section titles

Hey guys,

I’m having problems with seeing the titles in some of the sections, notably Latest News, Projects, Contact us, and address.
When I’m logged in and editing the site, the titles are visible. But when I’m viewing from the website, they are invisible.

P.S. I purposely hid the Latest News title, but it is invisible when it is set to display

Thank you!


hi @jyi35,

Could you send us in a private message(reply to this post mark as private) a wp admin and a wp password?

We will login and see what is causing this issue.



Go to this site to log in: https://scholarblogs.emory.edu/salaitalab/wp-admin/
user id - jyi35
pw - Dongkyu1043a

Along with the missing section titles, suddenly the pictures are not showing on the website. Oddly, if you access the site through a mobile device, the pictures are displayed.
And are youtube videos allowed to be embedded on the front page?

Thank you.

I fixed the issue with the pictures. Just need help with youtube videos on the front page, and some missing titles!


We are aware of the missing sections titles and we are trying to fix this. This bug will be fixed in the next update but if you what we can solve it until then if you send us ftp info.

YouTube embedded videos are not supported at this moment.

Thank you for your patience,

What is a “ftp”?

Will YouTube embedded videos be supported in the future?

Hi there, I also have this issue where sections are visible in my editing mode, but not when published. Please see attached. It was working early and now it is not showing up.



My account details if you wished to take a look:




hey guys!

I have the same problem… please see http://themarketbuzz.net

I have managed to comment out the slider and additional data sections from the PHP, but have not been able to trace the reason the titles are disappearing!

Could you please help, or let me know what I need to do?