Missing Social Icons For Sparkling WordPress theme after the update :)

I’ve also got a problem with the social icons. I can only see the links with the shaded colours on my page (folkfest.de/folk2016/) but not the icons although I’ve done everything as you have written here.
Maybe you’ve got an idea and advice? Thank you for the help and for this amazing theme and support.

Mine have disappeared as well. I had them in the sidebar and the footer.

Hi There,

same problem here. No social icnons anymore. Please let me know how to fix it, or when it will be fized.




did you use child theme or did it happen with the parent one? It seem the support staff has left the building, so to say, gone to winter vacation or something. So quiet here and WP support as well:-)

Actually yes indeed a child theme. But i wouldn’t want to switch to the regular template. We have the content-single.php, archive.php and the functions.php in the child theme. Is it one of those? And if yes, any idea what to add/change to it?


Same problem - no theme options.