Missing Social Media Buttons

I just upgraded to the latest version of the Unite theme and now all of my social media button’s in the top right hand corner are gone. Can somebody please help me bring them back :smiley:


These are the two sites effected and you can see that they are now missing but the buttons that are displayed on the graphic on the main themes page

My sites:

Hi Jeremy,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

In the latest version of theme we have changed functionality of social links.

To create social icons follow the below steps :

  1. Create a menu like any other menu in the admin area of your site under Appearance -> Menus .
  2. Use the correct urls in the menu items, so for twitter it must be twitter.com for facebook it must be facebook.com. Otherwise URLs won’t get recognized and you will get squares without icons.
  3. Set theme location for this menu as “Social Menu”

Best Regards,

Hi Movin

The instructions you gave are not working for me. Where exactly are we putting the facebook.com. Should we use http://facebook.com? I’m not getting anything, not even squares. Thanks in advance!

Here’s my site: http://princessfinegifts.com/store/

Also on checkout and in Sidebar how do I make the Title font smaller?

Thanks in advance!

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