Missing tagline


This might be a very easy to answer question for you guys, but the tagline isn’t appearing in the header of the website. I can’t find any options where to adjust it. Right now the header only contains my name, but I want to add a tagline below my name. Can you give me some advice? ps my website is ‘barryovereem.com

Thanks a lot!

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There is not enough space for it so I decided to not use it at all. Of course you can add it via header.php file if you like that way better.

Most likely I am not going to include it as “feature” in upcoming updates because header is made really small and can’t see how I could find a space for tag line. In most cases it would overlap other content or would add multiple lines which would not look good at all. I want to keep it as clean as possible

Code for tag line is as follows:

<?php echo get_bloginfo ( 'description' ); ?>

Just place it inside header.php where you want it to appear.

Other option is to upload logo with tag line on it.