Missing theme tags


I am using Dazzling 2.0.4 theme, and on Google Webmaster tools I am seeing the following:

Missing: author
Missing: updated

I understand this needs addressing in the theme, and I should be able to do so by adding something along the lines of the following:

	<span class="post-date updated"><?php the_date(); ?></span>
	<span class="vcard author post-author"><span class="fn"><?php the_author(); ?></span></span>

But I am unsure of where I should be adding this, are you able to offer any guidance? I understand it likely wont impact search results etc, but I’d rather clear errors if I can.

Hi @gavin,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

Yes you are right that it likely wont impact search results as described in the following topics.



Could you please try using latest version of this theme by downloading it from the below page to resolve this issue?

Best Regards,