Mixed Media - HTTPS

I am running into the issue where I get reports that the theme is delivering mixed media. When I checked what media it was reporting I found that any page that contained an uploaded image would report Mixed Media.

Is there a way to make the uploaded folder work with HTTPS?

Note I have the SSL cert working fine. Any page that has no uploaded image works great.

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Here’s a great and easy to use plugin you can install to fix mixed content issues.

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Hope you all are well today. If you facing mixed media content in your site. Try to refresh the cache of your site using your plugin or in cloudflare also, if you using cloudflare ssl.

Sometime This issue mainly arise when you access your site newly parked domain. Because all data is contained in main root domain

Login to your wordpress ==> setting ==> General set the main domain that you want to use. eg. site address and wordpress address to https://yourdomain.com in both.

Save settings

Now revert back site address and wordpress address to http://yourdomain.com in both.

Save settings

Note: add the domain that you want to use to access your site.

Now refresh full cache again.

Now you are done!!!

Dear @rax22 thank you so much, sharing your personal experience is awesome, we appreciate :wink: