Mobile Blocking AdSense?


I’ve been trying to get adsense working on my site for a very long time but always getting rejected, but now on the Google Forums, someone seems to think a mobil plugin is blocking the AdSense crawler, only thing is is that I do not have one enabled but I know the theme is optimised for mobile devices so could it be caused by that?

Here’s where the user found the problem


Thanks in advance


This theme doesn’t have “dedicated” mobile version but this theme is responsive which means that the same website with the same code is displayed on mobile but it is scaled down to fit perfectly on mobile. But it is the same code base with some clever usage of grid layout that makes it to respond to all device screen sizes.

For sake of experiment, I would suggest to disable completely all plugins and then add Adsense ads on your website to make sure it that does anything. Theme by default does support Adsense ads and there shouldn’t be any problems.