Mobile burger menu still not working


A similar issue to the mobile burger menu not working when WordPress updated to 5.5 has again arisen now that Wordpress is on 5.6.

Please could someone advise if a fix is in the pipeline or whether a workaround has already been released? My searches on this forum pulled up nothing.

Website is

Thanks all

Hey there

I just tried it and this is what I have: Screenshot by Lightshot menu us working just fin for me?


The menu itself loads up but if you click any of the links, nothing will happen. It should auto scroll down to the respective section but instead it does nothing


Hi, any update on this? Kind regards

Sorry for the delay, the problem is actually already reported and it should be fixed in the update.

For now, can you please deactivate your third party plugins? especially menu icons and check again?


Thanks for the update, I’ll wait for the update to be released then

Just for your info, deactivating both menu icons and WooCommerce menu plug-in (tried them individually and together) made no difference to the menu issue.


Ok, thank you for understanding, in this case, we need to wait for the update


I have this problem too, any news on when the fix is available? I’m using 2.1.8


Sorry, but not yet, try to use this plugin as a temporary solution:


The burger menu still not working on mobile version. Any solution to help ?
Thank you


please see my reply above and use that plugin for temporary