Mobile help request

Hi, I had someone previously help to edit my mobile site to load faster by removing the videos from the homepage, but keeping them on the desktop site. I recently did the theme update which has changed the look of the mobile site and it now looks bad. Can you please assist in advising me on the alignment and background colors of the mobile site? And how to add back in the videos to mobile?


Hi Kristin,

  1. For the modifications that were done, we really cannot help with reversing them and you will need that person to assist with this. We are assuming the changes were to theme files i.e. PHP, CSS or JS files.
    If they were done using custom CSS added to the appearance \ customize - additional CSS area then you can reverse the modifications by removing those bits of CSS from that area.

For the alignment issue then we can see like ts being caused by some custom CSS. Could you remove it from that additional CSS area.

For the colors try and reset them from appearance \ customize - colors.