Mobile Images not responsive-Shapely

Im having a problem with the parallax images on mobile device. They are remaining full size and not responsive. Takes forever to load and you have to scroll for ages to get to the bottom of them. Ive tried activating the Jetpack Mobile Theme to no avail [deactivating/reactivating] and I have tried adding Additional CSS but neither has had any effect on the mobile images. Its the two large parallax images are the main problem but one of my other images [cycles] has disappeared as well…
Please Help!
Heres the site--
Can anyone help please? Ive been looking around the forums and trying different things for hours now!

This is the code I added:
@media (max-width: 760px){
#shapely_home_parallax-1 .parallax-window.fullscreen {
background: url(“”) no-repeat #fff;
background-size: 100%;
height: 69vh;

#shapely_home_parallax-1 .parallax-window.fullscreen .align-transform{
top: 25%;
#shapely_home_parallax-1 .cover.fullscreen{
height: auto !important;

Apparently you are always looking for the solution because on my mobile I only see the dog’s ear.
I have the same problem. Let us know.