mobile menu completely expanded - full width menu on smartphones

Hi colorlib team,

thanks for your great themes and also for your great support forum. I found a lot of answers to my questions inside this forum, but now I need to start an own topic :slight_smile:

I made the first level in my menu clickable like you described in this post:

But now users can not expand to the second level on a mobile device because if you click on the first level it takes you directly to another page instead of expanding and showing the second level items.

To solve this I like to show the mobile user a already fully expanded menu (first and second level) if they click on the menu button. Can you tell me which css part I have to change?

Kind regards,

Hi bastifantasti/Experts

Were you able to solve your problem? I am looking for the same solution and it would be great if you could tell me how you solved it. Or any other expert who can answer this for me?