Mobile menu not showing all items

The mobile menu in your Shapely theme is not showing all of my pages.
I currently have 5 pages in the menu but mobile only shows 2.
See the attached screenshots.
How can I make the mobile menu display all the pages?

Thank you.

I have the same issue. Id be happy to hear the solution to this as well.

Hi there

In order to check your question i need to see your live website, please provide url and i will take a look

not to hijack todd’s concern, but here is mine since it is a same issue.

My website is not live so I cannot show you. However I have found a solution.
First I made sure the menu was on top by making the z-index 99.
.navbar-collapse li {
z-index: 99;
Then I made the container bigger to hold my whole menu.

@media (max-width: 991px){.site-header{height: 250px;}}

@media (max-width: 991px){.nav-container{height: 250px;}}

Here is a screen grab of the results. Still a work in progress.

Hello there,

Are there any pending updates for the theme?
You can check via Dashboard > Updates and install any pending updates available there.

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yes there are pending updates but i havent created a child theme so I still cannot proceed with updating the theme yet. if there’s an alternative solution, id be keen to try it out first.

HI there

Haven, who added this code in your website?

#site-navigation .module.left, #page .nav-bar a {
height: 80px;
width: auto;

go ahead and remove it

it seems i have left it there and forgot to comment it out. thank you, my menu is now working.

Ok, :wink: be careful with the things
I will close this case now, Feel free to contact us again if you have other questions Thanks!