Mobile Menu

Hello! First off, thanks for the awesome theme :slight_smile:

A couple questions:

  1. The menu on my site on my iPhone 5C is not displaying properly (see screenshot). When you click the menu graphic it pops up but doesn’t have a background on the menu so you can’t see it. Also, on the home page it only show 2 links but on the Crafts page it shows all of them (none of them with a background). In the themes custom header colors I have selections for each item which I thought would fix it but it doesn’t. So, how do I add a background so you can actually see the links for mobile?

  2. I did add some height to the header so thats why the menu graphic on mobile is not vertically centered in that white space… is there a way to center it so it won’t mess up the site on the desktop version?

  3. I have already added a static image to my header so it displays on each page. Is there a way to have a different static image pop up specifically for mobile pages? The image I have now is super tiny on mobile and I’d like to have a different image displayed if possible.

  4. Is there a way to add a static image for each category page? For example, on this category page: I’d like to get rid of the category title Crafts that is at the top as well as the description and replace it with an image. AND is there a way to get rid of the word Archive that is showing up for the site’s title (see screenshot) Crafts Archive | Project Abode?

  5. Is there a way to add breadcrumbs to the theme?

My site for reference:

Thanks for your help in advanced!

I figured out answers for question #4 after some tinkering but still need help with the other ones. Thanks!