Mobile parralax image not scaling on mobile

When I check my website on mobile the image I am using for the parralax section for front page shows only a small portion of the image. I cannot scroll left or right or zoom out on mobile. Is there any way to force the image to resize to the default resolution of the mobile device? What would be the best way to scale this down so the whole image can be seen? thank you for any assistance.

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You can try using this plugin to regenerate the thumbnails used in the theme:

Also could you please provide a link to your website so that I can inspect it?

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hello thank you for the help.

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Sorry but what is happening on your website is normal, you should not choose an image with texts and character for parallax background image, its impossible to adopt this horizontal image on the vertical mobile screens without hiding part of the image, consider to use a different image or vertically aligned content in the centre of the image