Mobile responsive plugin

Is there a plugin that can be used to make the theme mobile responsible. Currently when I view it on iphone it doesn’t adjust very well:

the type on home page doesn’t appear and few other things don’t look good.


The theme is mobile-response only, what exactly is not working in your end? Can you tell us exactly which is not working, so that we can check whats wrong.

Let us know,


Hi yes the screen shot I sent is how it looks on my mobile phone.
I am using iphone7. The main home screen slider is small and the type does not appear as in regular web version.

Hi there

@impactcolor this is default style, that’s how its designed, we can help in small changes like reducing logo and space under it to bring slider little bit up.
im not sure if the third party plugins can resolve such problems, jetpack has mobile website module but its worse :slight_smile: