Mobile Site Not Responsive

SIte domain:

Mobile site is not responsive. A few issues:

  1. Background image on homepage is not full screen/doesn’t stick when you scroll downwards on mobile site

  2. Hamburger menu not working at all

  3. Homepage video doesn’t stretch to the bottom of the screen like it does in desktop view.

Another question:
I’m trying to add padding to the top and bottom of the word “reel” on homepage and am unable to call out image. Just looking for CSS code to address this.

Thank you.

Hi there

Austin, I just checked your website

  1. this is a parallax image and it behaves like this,
  2. The hamburger menu is working fine on my side, what is your device?
  3. can you share the screenshot? it’s normal for me

My device is an iphone. Looks like video at the bottom is looking better. What is the best way to combat the issue of the image not stretching to the bottom border? I will post a screenshot.


Hi there

Sorry but if im not wrong that’s not the white space but the back of the laptop? did I miss something?

You did not, that’s my fault.

As far as the hamburger menu goes on the mobile site, when I click on it on my iphone, nothing appears. I may be missing something, but let me know if there’s a solution.


Hi Austing

Ok, I see… Can you please add several menu elements in the menu? just for testing please add extra menu elements and test again, if this did not work then please send me your access credentials along with your website URL and I will investigate this case.

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Colorlib Support Team