Mobile Site

When I visit the website ( from any mobile phone I get a stripped down “mobile version” of the site that doesn’t display the content. I don’t even want this to show because the Shapely theme is designed as responsive anyway - the site looks good on mobile, but only way I can access is by clicking “view full site” I then get the responsive design. Any idea how to make sure this does not happen and just always shows full site on mobile?

The Read More or Continues buuton in Dazzling Theme on Mobile version at my web malfungtion (can’t clickable). Any solution?

Does anyone have a solution to this, I have been looking for a solution everywhere but can’t seem to find it. I want to show the responsive design and not the mobile site which looks very plain since this wordpress design is responsive. It is at - I do not want users to have to click “View Full Site”. I can’t find any setting for “show mobile site” anywhere. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi guys,

@agenforex, Can you create the topic in Dazzling theme forum area?
@mhardgrove I already replied you about the issue in one of the other thread you created.

Let us know,