Mobile Site

Hi Aigars,

Thanks so much for your help yesterday. I just have one more issue. The mobile version of the site does not look good at all. Was I meant to install another plug-in for this?

When you view the full-site on a phone it looks fantastic, but if you go to the mobile version it looks really bad. Can I just disable this or is there something else I should have done?

If you could advise, as I think the site, and theme, looks great :slight_smile:

Thank you

Disable this plugin you are using now. Theme is made to work without any plugins and it is fully responsive by default.

I don’t know what plugin you are using but you should disable it for get the same results I have with theme demo.

Thanks Aigars. It was the plug-in in Jetpack. All sorted now.

Have an awesome week!

You can keep using Jetpack since there are many other awesome features but keep “Mobile Theme” module disabled.