mobile version looks odd!

Hello there!

I am still very new so sorry in advance if my questions seem ridicolous.

I’d just like to know why my website look very bad when I open it from mobile! The title appears incredibly big and not proportionate and all in all it seems very difficult to navigate. It looks slightly better If I keep the mobile in “landscape” mode (horizontal) but I mean, is someone suppose to keep the mobile like that all the time in order to check the website?

Is it normal that categories etc that on laptop appear on the right side, when on mobile go down at the bottom? And that there is no drop menu like it appears when checked on the laptop?
It took me a lot of effort to get the right colour etc and to create the drop menu the way I wanted and now I am quite satisfied with it (laptop version)…but why does it look completely different on mobile?

Thank you very much !!


Answered on your following existing thread. Please don’t create duplicate topics to avoid duplication of threads.