Mobile Version padding / render

Hello Illdy Team
you guys have been vert gracious before to help me technically and once again I would like some help. Long story short is my site on mobile for instance my own phone iphone XR when I load some of my pages it loads differently to how it used to.

basically I make a web page stretch rows and content and divide by 4 to give 4 equal boxes. two will have image carousels two a text box.
On PC it will show these in the 4 columns fine however on mobile it renders the same 4 columns that then make it unreadable.

It never used to do this, it would show only two columns which makes it more legible on a mobile device without the need to zoom the page in. I cant figure out how to edit my mobile layout settings. That said I am very rusty on these things since I set the site up.

on a side note I find the page retro Seiko slow to load even though I am using a Cache plugin.

for your reference please see this page of my site.

I do warn you the load time is far too long… been my biggest problem to date. I do use Shush to shrink the image file sizes.
I have attached a photo from my phone looking from a mobile screen.

Thank you in advance for any help provided.

Hey there

You are suing Wpbackery page builder to construct your page, this page builder has option for responsive layout, please check their documentation for help or contact their support, no CSS is needed in this case to make changes

Thank you. I have allot of trouble with that plugin and as my subscription has expired I may remove it. Not sure though if removing would reverse the issue…


No, removing plugin is not the solution, you will have to rebuilt them again from scratch :slight_smile: