Mobile view issues


Although Illdy should be a responsive theme I have several issues with mobile view I was hoping you could help me with.

As you can see on the attached sceenshots:

  • the favicon for menu is in the middle when it should be on the right.
  • on the shop page, the products escpecially the buttons are covering each other
  • the left part of the display filter on shop page is off the screen
  • on the home page the title in the jumbotron section is wrapped incorrectly, the complete second word should be in the second row
  • on the product page text wraping is also incorrect
  • on the checkout page the end of the button text is missing.

I would be really thankful if you could help me with some CSS or anything.

Thanks in advance,

Is there anyone who could help me with this issue?

In the meantime I realized that the sidebar look awfull as well. :frowning:


Sorry for a late response, somehow I missed your thread.

To check the issue can you give us your website address? And also can you check our demo in that mobile and you replicate the same issue in our demo too?

Let us know,