Mobile View Not Matching Up
The guys in the chairs looking at sunset image does not appear on phone but when i go to mobile view it’s there. How to fix?

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Please provide a link to the page
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Please try replacing the image with one of a higher resolution, this issue can occur if the image used is too small.

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So if you go over into the menu to “The Chatroom” it will show the image just fine. I have come to the conclusion that because the background image is static and not moving on scroll, and the reason im not seeing it is because possibly one of my cells are covering it up. In wordpress the background image is scrolling in the mobile view but when you go to your actual phone it does not move.

Does anyone have a solution to this problem.

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The chairs image on the homepage is showing but is sort of covered by the text in front. See attached screenshot.
The section seems to be build using a plugin i.e. site origin panels and I think they would be best equipped to help with this issue.

The theme does have its own parallax sections if you want to use them. There are shown on video five here Shapely Theme Documentation - Colorlib