moblie display different than other views

I wrote in several months ago regarding the ILLDY theme for wordpress. For some reason, the theme would not display properly on any device. To cut to the chase, I have been able make some changes and everything is displaying properly on anything but mobile.

For mobile devices, however, I still get the same unexpected layout (see image). On a desktop, you’ll see the jumbotron and the regular site. On my cell phone (and others I have tested) you get the strange layout.

Is there some setting I’m unable to figure out with the theme? Or, is this something with my provider (GoDaddy) as it was before?

Please advise.


Hello Eric,

From what I can tell, what you are seeing on the mobile is not the default Illdy mobile state, so probably something like JetPack, GoDaddy or some other 3rd party is activating an alternative mobile view of what should be the Illdy theme wrapped on smaller screens.

Let me know if you can manage to find out who is forcing some other theme files on mobiles and de-activate it.

If nothing gets you forward, let me know more about it and I’ll do my best to provide you more guidance.

Kind regards

I disabled JetPack and it started displaying correctly on mobile - except for testimonials section. That section defaulted to ILLDY theme defaults.

I read on another support post that you could edit the testimonials section, so I tried that. I simply replaced the existing text from other testimonials with my testimonials, and changed the names. However, the site wouldn’t fully load - unexpected error in that section.

I was able to disable the testimonials section in ILLDY theme.

However, I would really like to utilize the testimonials. They’ve been powerful and many patients say they chose us because of our testimonials on our website.


  1. How can we get ILLDY working with Jetpack activated, so it will display properly on mobile?
  2. If I can’t use Jetpack, how can we get the testimonials section working?

Hello @ejaqua,

Please make sure that you have the latest versions of both Illdy theme and JetPack plugin.

Everything should be working alright with both of them.
Because I cannot tell exactly what the issue is, please consider to provide me temporary admin dashboard access via a private message so I can have a live investigation.

Best regards

Thank you for helping with this. Here is the login info:


Thank you for the access!

I did some setups for you, but I see that you are using a very old version of the theme.

Please proceed to make a full backup of the files and then proceed to update the theme and let me know if you encounter any other issues at all.

Kind regards

Ok - I updated the theme.

Now, we’re back to the original problem I had.

For the home page, it says “Blog.” and you can’t get to the original home page.

Why am I having so much trouble? This theme has been a problem since I first installed it. Is there something wrong with my setup?

How can I get back to the homepage that is supposed to show?


I’m sorry that you are encountering so many troubles with the website, there are many factors into it that can go wrong and the most common issue is not reading the documentation, messages and common issues for the themes.

It seems like you need change how the front page is displayed, so I just took care of it for you.

Let me know if got everything working alright for now.