Modal in nurture template does not seem to work

Purchased the nurture template… modal does not work.

<button id="test"  
     style="border:2px solid #cecece; cursor:pointer" 
     <span >Learn more</span></button>
<div id="makeblock-content" class="modal">
    <div class="modal-content"> 
          <a href="#makeblock-close" title="Close" class="close">&times;</a>
	         Here is the content  in the msg box
    <a href="#makeblock-close" title="Close" class="close">&times;</a>

Please advise.

Hi there

May I see it? please provide direct example of the problem,
Is it working on our working demo?

there is no working demo from the download. So, I wrote my html based on the css tags I found from your bootstrap.min.css.

Here is the simple test

Any update on how to get the modal to work with the nurture template? Looks like JavaScript is missing in the package that I have downloaded? Besides, there is no sample using the modal either.

Hi there

Sorry, but I still have trouble getting your problem, may I see the real example problem? not a test, I need a page with the problem

Instead of giving you a html with over 300 lines of it, I am providing you a simple html which uses the nurture template. Click on the Learn more button, nothing shows.

Looks like your nurture template lacks of the javascript for the modal to work… However, you guys will be the best to tell if it is missing.

I tried to find a sample from nurture template, but it is not using the modal coming with the bootstrap.

If you can just give me a very simple few lines of html which works with the modal css of the bootstrap.min.css coming with the nurture template, it will help me greatly.

hi @emabrey

I’m sorry, but this is not how problems are troubleshot, how do I know you shared the full code?
what im asking is our demo, uploaded on your server and page to the problem, example you sent here does nothing and I really dont know how to make it work :slight_smile:

Best to isolate a problem is to focus on the issue itself without including all other codes which may mess it up.

To reiterate the issue:

  1. the modal coming in the bootstrap.min.css in the nurture template does not work. OR, I simply did not do it right?! Since there is no sample that I can find from your nurture template, I am asking help here.

  2. I went ahead to write a makeshift one ,… working, but makeshift. I would rather re-use the modal in your bootstrap coming from the nurture template. Could you provide a sample html code
    to show how it works using that?!

So, I am not sure exactly what you are looking for from me. I have a feeling that there is a misunderstanding. Anyhow:

Hope it is clear… All I need is to a good sample which works with the modal css in your bootstrap coming with the nurture template.

Wonder if there is any update? Prehaps the nuture template is missing a javascript for it???

This issue was reported back in March… This is May now. I wonder if there is any update. Or, I should not expect Modal to work!?

Hi there

I’m sorry, but no progress so far :slight_smile:

Is it ok for you to disable it? It’s also possible to implement some third-party popup windows.