Modifications on my website

Hello Support!

I am building my website ( on Illdy and I am struggling with some things, even if I think it is a really good theme. Basically I am able to do small modifications, mostly trough widgets but no more than than.

  1. Mobile version

The website looks very unbalanced on Mobile. If I change the header position it’s always either too right or too left. Never really centered tough.

  1. Change language/duplicate posts

I have tried to add a language to the website. Anyway when doing that I was not given an option to duplicate posts/design of the website.
I would like to keep the same design and order of pages in both languages but apparently is not automatical when changing language. Can you help me with it?

3)Hyperlinks to section projects and blog

How can I add links to photos of projects? I would like to have users not only to see a photo but also to be redirected to a page with an explanation of the project.
Same goes with Blog. I would like to have a separate page within the website ( where people can go and find all the previous articles with authours.

  1. I would like to add a form in the first part of the homepage, where users can ask for information, advices. I have tried with a plugin (Ninja) but it looks terrible. Any advice?

Thank you guys!