Modify progress bar in About section


I’m trying to change the progress bar values in the About section. I am using values all above 100% so they all just go to the max. I’d like to change the bar size manually. I’m currently doing the following:

#illdy_skill-14 .skill .skill-top .skill-progress-bar {
width: 16%
#illdy_skill-15 .skill .skill-top .skill-progress-bar {
width: 32%

However, that also removes the gray line (“behind” the color line) that shows the max value possibility. Can I get that gray line back and keep the colored line at a lower value?

Thanks so much! love the theme.


Figured it out!!

#illdy_skill-14 .skill .skill-top .skill-progress-bar .ui-progressbar-value {
width: 16%!important
#illdy_skill-15 .skill .skill-top .skill-progress-bar .ui-progressbar-value {
width: 33%!important

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Nice work solving the issue.
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