Modifying the Slider

I’ve browser the forums to see if I could find an answer but nothing quite seems to fit.

I have a couple of pictures that are wide screen at both come out at the same height, I have a different sized image that seems to make the slider a lot larger than it originally was. Am I able to set the slider so that it is just one height regardless of image size? Or am I able to make the whole slider thinner so then it runs in line with all of the size of the website?#

Do pictures always need to be wide screen 1920?

my site is

Hi @bigdandubois,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

The slider image size should be at least 1920px X 550px but you can change it by using the custom plugin solution shared in the following topic.

Also try regenerating thumbnails using the below plugin.

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