Mostudio Template "single.html" problem

Hi, I just bought the Mostudio Template and I encountered a problem right away…

When browsing the index or gallery, you see all the placeholder images/ titles, if you click on them, they all redirect you to the same “single.html” page.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Best regards,
Paulo A.

Invoice number: #COLORLIB10903
Payment date: May 30, 2022
Subtotal: $15.45
Tax: $3.55 (23%)
Total price: $19.00

Hi there

Paulo, that’s an HTML template, you need to link each gallery item to its pages.
Please note, that beginner experience is needed to work with HTML templates.



thanks for replying on such short notice,
yeah, I’m aware that this an HTML template,

I just expected the single.html page to be hosting the content for all the links and then displaying the content accordingly to link selection.

Thanks anyway for the reply.
You may close this topic

Best Regards,
Paulo A.

Thanks for understanding Paulo A, let me know if you have other questions