Move & change color of Header text on different pages

So my website has multiple pages and each one has the same header background. However, the text on the header is not centered, and also is black on a rather dark background, so I would like to know the CSS to move it to the center, as well as change the color.

Additionally, I selected the hide title and when I do that the title does not hide, it instead just leaves a big ugly untitled title instead which is much worse. I would love a work around. Thank you.

Please look at attached photos to see what I mean.

For this page I want untitled to be gone, and About Us to be moved to the center and changed to white.


I recive this code lines from the support, try to play with them and you can remove what you want, but i never try to change the colors of this title and subtitle ok?

.page-title {display:none;}
.page-title-section {display:none;}
.entry-header {display:none;}
.content-area {padding:0;}

Good Luck

Hi @whitetieaffaire

Can you update us that @carlossoares reply helped or not so that we can provide an improvised answer?

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