Move Logo position and HIDE Jumbotron title text

Hi, ive changed the size of my logo but it seems to be inset from the left quite alot, is there anyway to move it left a little bit please?
Also, i have no use for the Title text on the Jumbotron Image on homepage, is there anyway to hide it? if i delete the text entry it then brings the about me section right up to the logo/navbar and hides the jumbotron background image

Website is -

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This CSS will allow you to reduce the left padding for the logo:

#header .top-header .container {
    padding-left: 0px;

This CSS should remove the title only in the jumbotron:

#header .bottom-header .container {
    display: none;

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Hi, ive added both into additional CSS, the title text is now hidden, thankyou for that, however, it didnt really move the logo to the left very much, only by 1px or so, and as its set to 0px i cant really go any further left is there something else i need to change?


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try this css:

.top-header .col-sm-4.col-xs-8 a {
position: relative;
left: -65px;

Hi Noda, ive tried that code and even though it does work and does what i want, once i have moved the logo out slightly, if i am to shrink the window the website is displayed in, the logo doesnt react and change position it goes off screen where as before it would react and move with the shrinking window if that makes sense, is there anyway atall to change the width of that section of the page (logo and navbar) so that its wider?

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Sorry, but there is no other way, we cant do anything else with this huge logo and space around it :frowning:

hmmm, okay. in that case, is there any way to set the opacity of the sticky header color to 50%?

Yes, that’s possible, you can use this css:

#header .is-sticky .top-header {
opacity: 0.5;