move the menu bar just under the header logo

Hi, I’m totally new to wordpress. I started with the theme Travely because that showed exactly what I wanted:
Posibility for a logo in the header, the menu bar directly above the sliding photos AND a block of text in those slides.

I was happy to get the logo at the right place.

  1. I chose 5 photos for the slide show, but they don’t slide.
  2. I added the menu bar but it is directly underneath the (first) photo and I want it on top.
  3. Lasly I have no clue how to add that darker block on the photos with text.

Help is very appreciated! :slight_smile:

Hey there,
I hope you’re doing well today

Here’s the documentation on on Travelify, and how to get things setup like the demo.
If you’re still having issues after following the steps here to get the desired look you seek let me know.

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Hi Moderator,
I found those Theme instructions too, but couldn’t find how I can get the menu on top of the header photo.
And I couldn’t find how to add that text block in it.
So, if you can explain to me where I can find that in the instruction I would be very happy.

And if it is not there how do I do those two changes to the site?


Thank you for keeping in touch.

  1. For the top menu or social links its really simple.
  • Go to Appearances > Customize > Travellify Social Lnks
  • Add links to social media and save.
  1. The text area below the logo is just text. The Travelify logo is just a word and not an image.
    You can replicate this by going to Appearances > Customize > Travellify Main Options > Header Options
    and select Header Text Only. You cannot use and image and this option at the same time.

  2. Can you send a screenshot of where you’re referring to? I’m not clear.

You can edit the text and tag line at Appearances > Customize > Site Identity.

Thanks Moderator,
I decided to leave the top sliding photos out.
So I have no problem with that anymore.

What you said about the social media… I have seen that too, but it is on the top of the site, I want it in the contact page.
On the top of the page it pushes the logo down and then there is too much space.

That’s it for now.


Hi, here I am again…

In this screenshot Dropbox - File Deleted,
you can see the section ‘Board of directors’ is a bit messy.

The word ‘secretary’ is grey and I don’t know why that is happening. I even doubled a good one and changed it then to what it must be, but no improvement.

And then the Title of the board members is not all at the same hight and the ‘read more’ button either.
Is there a way to get that lined up?

Last question, where can I switch off the underlining in the buttons?



:slight_smile: I found some solutions myself, but the grey text for secretary is not resolved. And I don’t know how to switch off the underlining.
Any help?


All problems are solved. Someone came to my house and helped me.