Moving between pages causes parallax sections to not load properly

I’ve discovered an issue on my website and I can’t seem to think of or find the cause of it.
The issue is:
When my website loads the front page loads properly and fully. If I then go into a portfolio and back out of it, click home or the website title then the page loads properly. However, if I click one of the location links e.g. contact or art education and workshops then the parallax sections for the website do not load properly. The embedded links show but the background images and text do not. The issue then corrects itself by clicking home or the title banner. Is this perhaps to do with the way I’ve set up the links or something else?

website is

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Please try clearing your browser cache then use the following plugin to clear your WordPress cache:

When you have done that, simply reload the page.

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I’m currently using WPFC as I find it faster.

Will that make a difference?

Also noticed that this causes the header to become unstuck.

Changed and loaded.

No difference…


  1. Make sure you’re using the latest version of the Shapely theme and the Shapely companion.

  2. Try disable all the plugins except the companion plugin, clear the cache and see that makes any differences.

  3. If all fails, pass us the WP Login details, we will check what is going wrong in it.

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Done all that.

Still no look…

Also seem to have somehow now caused my website to slow down, gtmetrix to score it low and tell me gzip is no longer enabled. Been back through all the plugins and nothing has changed. None of my settings have on my server side either.

Logins for

Name: mi_hodge
Pass: TommyElliot236

Did you get my private reply?

Any more help or support with this? I’ve not heard anything since sending the private message.


DOn’t know if you got my original message

Done all that.

Still no look…

ALl GTmetrix scores etc are back to where they should be (even if Google page test says I’m a lot slower than they do…)

Logins for

Name: mi_hodge
Pass: TommyElliot236

Hi… Still hoping for some help with this…

The issue occurs when I go to a link on my page like:

And then use the menu to navigate to, for example:

Is it to do with the way the page is loading when I go to the anchor directly? Do I need to to force the whole page to load? How do I do that?

I’ sure I saw others having this or similar problems have they been fixed?

As an aside is there a way to change the name of the anchors - not totally necessary but would be kind of nice.