Moving from Dev to Live

Hi guys, I developed a Illdy site on a development machine, and now I’m trying to copy it across to live (another domain). Eg. From to Wordpress and everything has copied across but I seem to be missing the Illdy data. ie I see the default Illdy design but nothing from dev.

Any tips? ideas? thanks.

Hello @coffeemanuksr,

Have you exported/imported the phpMyAdmin from dev to live website, as well?

It seems like this could be the problem, having a different database and not using the customizer content.

Please have a more in-depth look here: Moving WordPress « WordPress Codex and let me know more about it.


Yes I’ve exported/imported the database, I think the wp_options table is the clue, mainly the option name “theme_mods_illdy” doesn’t seem to take effect.

Don’t worry, was quicker manually entering data again.

Hey I have two requests :

  1. Add a final yellow dot to home page jumbo tron.
  2. Change header image to slideshow (Blog Header Image) , with slide show different for each page.

I understand this is a free product, so happy to pay.
Can you send me a quote for custom work. thanks.

Hello @coffeemanuksr,

I’m sorry that you had to input all the data again.
Like previously stated, I suspect that you might have missed importing the database and that’s why the content was missing.

I did slider custom premium paid work before so this previous experience will cut the implementation time to almost half, therefore the payment is lower as well.

My quote for this is a minimum of 25$ to add the header yellow dot and set up a slider to be used on the website.

If you are OK with the rate and you want to speed things up, add me on skype (Ion Rutz) or continue the discussion in private at [email protected]

Best regards

i have the same issues, is there a solution? Information I’ve copy’d in ‘theme_mods_illdy’ disappears. when I open the site and I get to see the default site.