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Can I use a multiple language plugin with Illdy?

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While we haven’t confirmed support for a multi-language plugin, the theme is pretty simple and as a result, it should be pretty easy to get the theme working in multiple languages.

You could check out the Polylang plugin or the WPML plugin. These are two of the best plugins for multilingual WordPress.

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My website is My website should look like this “”.

But after I activate the “PolyLang”, my website become like this “”.

How to set my website back to original outlook? and after activated the plugin and set some language. I still didn’t see the language menu on the front-end. Am I missed something?

Please kindly advice! Thanks a lot!

Beginner Cecilia

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It seems as if when the plugin is enabled, the static page becomes inoperable.
Try this: After activating the plugin go to Settings > Reading and check to see if a static page is set.

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It’s been set static already. Anything else I’ve missed?!

And How can I to add the language button on the top corner?! Thanks indeed!