Multiple Portfolios (Custom taxonomies not responding)

Hello, first-off, thank you for the wonderful theme! I’ve installed it just the other day and things were running smoothly until I attempted to setup multiple portfolios. By this, I mean I’m attempting to use the “Portfolio” widget in multiple places with differing projects/images for each instance of the widget (i.e. a “project” portfolio, a “participant” portfolio, a “programmatic” portfolio). I assume that assigning project types and/or project tags and applying those in the widget’s visibility menu (e.g. show if → “taxonomy” is “project”), but it’s not responding, meaning that all portfolios are showing no matter what settings I use.

I could get around this by relying on a variety of parralax sections, but I’d rather realize the vision in my head (multiple portfolio sections).

I’ve referenced this support site ( as well as multiple threads on this forum, to no avail. Little help?

Thanks in advance,


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