multiple prices

Thank you for the helpful support you have done so far.
I have been reading through the threads and learning and making my site better.

I couldn’t find any information on how to add multiple prices to one product.
I want to offer prints at different sizes although the design will essentially be the same. So it would be like a drop down with sizes and prices… ie: 8"x10" - $10.00, 12"x15 - $11.00, 15"x17" - $12, etc.

I looked through the “product type” of the “product data” category and couldn’t find a way. Is there a solution to this?

Any help is greatly appreciated as always. Thanks!

Thank you for your feedback!

Unfortunately, this isn’t part of theme that controls dropdowns for sizes and multiple prices but WooCommerce does that. You can read more about Product Variations here and there is also a short video that will guide throught the setup. This will work for our themes but you need to configure that in WooCommerce settings.

Thanks again for the prompt and thorough feedback.
I will definitely check out that link.