My ads are getting cut off

My site is

I just got approved for adsense ads(hooray!)

but i’ve noticed that my right rail and footer ads get cut off. Not sure how to fix this.

My guess is that there are 4 potential solutions:

  1. Modify the width of the right rail and footer (i have no idea how to do this)
  2. Choose a new theme that has a wide right rail and a wide footer (despite header quirkiness, i kinda like this current theme)
  3. Choose different ad sizes (i’m currently using the sizes recommended by google - it seems like these are the standard that all websites should adhere to)
  4. Give up. I’ve tried my hardest and I failed miserably - the lesson? never try


i found a solution in opting to use google’s “responsive” ad unit as opposed to using their fixed size units. I can’t fit their standard rectangles, but i can fit a few of their skyscrapers.

i’ve got an ad in my header that i’m not crazy about - but it is there…for now.

thanks for your help?

Responsive ads are a way to go. You can also use Google AdSense official WordPress plugin if you want to get even more flexibility and control over your ads. It is a fairly new plugin that not many users have discovered but I can recommend it for everyone. Here you can read more about it: Google AdSense – WordPress plugin |