My blog page contains H1 headings but all of them have blank content


Using the travelify theme I created a blog named
I use h1 tag for each of my article.
But in SEO test it says that pages contain H1 tag but contents are blank.

The test report is like following:
<h1> Headings Status
Your page contains H1 headings but all of them have blank content.
How to Fix
How to fix – <h1> Headings Status
In order to pass this test you must indentify the most important topics from your page and insert those topics between <h1>…</h1> tags.
<h1>Important topic goes here</h1>

<h1>Another topic</h1>

Please help me out.


Hi @boiporitto,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

I use h1 tag for each of my article.

You don’t have to use h1 tag manually as the theme handles it internally.

I visited your site and post page but didn’t see any duplicate H! tags in it.

Is there any specific page on your site where this is happening?

Best Regards,

Hi @Movin,

Thanks for your kind reply.
Actually this problem not for any specific page but for all pages and post.

I checked the SEO status for this site by the different testers.

The majority of them gave the same result that h1 tag is missing.

However, When I create a content in my site, if I do not set any H1 tag manually, it recommends to add h1 tag.

So What is your suggestion?
How can I get rid of this problem?

Please suggest!

Thanks and regards,


Dear @Movin,

Again I need to inform you that, after my previous reply to you, I have removed all H1 Tag from my all content.
After that I drive a SEO check for my site.
And the report is in attachment.

Specifically, it shows now H1 tag is available.

Please check my site and advice me.



Hi Boiporitto,

I saw your shared file and found it displays that the SEO check is passed so it seems when you were adding the H1 tags manually then it was generating the duplicate H1 tags issues and sometime them have blank content.

The default theme generated H! tag is sufficient and works well so you don’t have to add any extra H! tags.

Best Regards,

Hi Movin,

Thank you so much for your kind support.
Your support is appreciated.
You are really doing a great job with Colorlib.

Thanks once again.


Thanks for you kind words and you are most welcome here :slight_smile: