My Cart button displays prices without VAT


I have the items displaying the correct prices with 20% VAT added and the checkout displays the taxes too.

However, the button at the top of the page shows £4.575 instead of £5.49.
I have searched the forums but have not seen this specific problem.


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Kindly follow these instructions on setting up taxes:

If the prices are incorrect after carefully following these steps let us know.

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I have gone though all of these steps and its working everywhere except the display at the top of the page on the “My Cart” button. I have installed other templates but have never seen this problem before.



Thank you for replying this information.

Just to verify that its a template issue.
Can you temporarily switch to a default WordPress theme such as twenty seventeen and check to see if you’re still seeing the incorrect price. If it is the theme causing the issue I’ll report it to the developer to be fixed.

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I have it on twenty seventeen and but this button is not at the top of any pages.

The cart preview does not have this problem though.

I have installed a new theme from the wordpress site, it also does not have this problem.

I have the same problem, how can you solve it?

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The issue here is the fact that the shopping cart is not getting the correct value from WooCommerce so we have to notify the developer of this issue so that a fix can be issued out.

You can raise the issue here:

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