My continue reading doesn't work and I want to remove it

This is driving me insane! I have searched for answers but I can’t find any. I changed my theme to dazzling and then I realised that when I press on different menu topics half or more of the text I wrote before has dissapeared. From what I know I haven’t done any changes regarding that. The texts cuts off and then there is a button, in swedish, that says fortsätt läsning which means continue reading. This wouldn’t bother me much if I could actually click on it and see the rest of the text BUT when I click on it nothing happens.

However my post that is set on the frontpage, that is a set page (if that’s what it’s called), has no problem. There you can read all the text I wrote.

So, how do I remvoe the continue reading button and show the fell text in my menu?
My website is

Thank you!

Hello there,

I hope you are doing well today.

I have checked your website and our blog but I am not seeing where this issue is on the site. Could you please provide a link to the page that is having this issue?

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