My menus are not mobile responsive!

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I’m using the theme sparkling for my school’s website, and I have trouble with my dropdown sub menu, which does not respond in a shrunken window or on mobile. Do advise my on how I can change this to make it mobile responsive!

My website is

Thank you!!

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You’re menu doesn’t look like the one our demo site.
Have you made any modification to the theme?

Do you have to jetpack mobile theme enabled? If so try disabling it.
Visit Jetpack -> Settings -> Writing tab and scroll down to the Theme Enhancements section in your Dashboard.
Find the “Enable the Jetpack Mobile theme” option and click the dropdown arrow.
Select your desired options, then click Save Setting

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Hi there thank you for your prompt reply!

I do not have Jetpack enabled and I did not make any major modifications to the theme!

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Thank you for the clarification,

Upon testing your website, i’m seeing where its only the home page having the issue.
I believe the issue is with the video at the top of the page. It stretches outside the container.
It could be based on how you implemented the video, given thats its a facebook video.

To test this remove the video from the page, and test to see if you still have issues with the menu after.

Let me know.

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Hey there thank you for the response!

I’m not too sure if we are on the right page here as my page,, does not have a video at the top of the page!

Nevertheless, thank you for helping me out!